Williamsburg Flagship REnewal


Discover the 7115 Flagship location on a deeper level. Located a short stroll from Bedford Avenue, this tranquil space serves as a respite from the bustling city. We recently teamed up with FRAMA, a Danish design studio, to renew this longstanding home for 7115. The reimagined space is a place for you to discover 7115 on a more sensory and personal level. A place for you to dip or dive into the 7115 universe, as you please. 

The transformation by FRAMA serves as a symbolic bridging of all the worlds that make up 7115. In 2019, we opened our first international location in Copenhagen, Denmark, which marked a pivotal turning point in the history and design process of 7115. Since its inception, 7115 has always looked toward its local community, customers, and neighbors to inform its design process. By working with FRAMA on this redesign, we're able to continue this core design principle and also bring a piece of our Copenhagen story back home to New York and vice versa. 

Here's a look at all the thoughtfully considered elements of the renewed Williamsburg space. Gratitude to the FRAMA team who were able to encapsulate the 7115 DNA and translate it into an elegant architectural expression.


The tone is set from the beginning with the entry, with wooden shelving and a custom-made patchwork.  In the window hangs a hand stitched pojagi tapestry made by Patchwork CPH. This hanging canvas serves as a grounding backdrop for ever evolving displays and installations as the seasons change.

// The Entrance

Beyond the entrance is the lounge, a spot that lends itself to movement, rest, and also interaction. FRAMA’s Shelf Library Stainless Steel adorns the lounge’s back wall, showcasing a mix of hanging goods like clothing, handmade ceramics, and other local wares. Easy Chair 01 anchors the lounge, offering itself as a place you can pause for a moment of rest, reflection, and inspiration within the space. You'll also find a custom low profile table, designed by Cassandra Bradfield, and made by Nome Manufacturing, using reclaimed wood from The Hudson Company

// The Lounge

Creating an unexpected harmony amongst natural contrasting elements was a key consideration in the design of the Flagship. These contrasting hanging systems were developed to balance parallel walls in the shop, using opposing materials stainless steel and reclaimed Hudson pine. The result invites a sense of calm mixed with curiosity as you examine the store, centered between heavy and light elements.

// Raw vs. refined

// Heavy vs. light

The lounge, the interlocking center tables, the subtle lighting provided by Japanese paper sconces all come together to create a soft and homey feeling. The tones of the space were also carefully selected to create a sense of contrast and depth within the lofty space. Cool icy blue-gray plaster on the walls is mixed with a soft beige yellow on the ceiling and higher-wall levels, reminiscent of a sunny overcast light. 

You’ll find beautiful and rich wooden furniture that adds a sense of warmth, texture, and anchoring comfort to the space. In the center of our Flagship location sit two interlocking L shaped tables, also custom designs by Cassandra Bradfield and crafted by Nome Manufacturing using reclaimed wood from The Hudson Company. Whether they stand apart or together, these tables offer flexibility and multiple configurations within the space, allowing us to showcase an ever-evolving array of items. The center tables stand at kitchen height, allowing us to welcome you into the space with a sense of intimacy. Gather around these tables with us and share a cup of tea and warm conversation. 

It’s all in the details. SIN Ceramic wall hooks, by local artist Virginia Sin, greet you at the entrance and in the dressing rooms.

The endpoint of the journey in our Flagship location is an artistically constructed counter. Made with reclaimed pine top and a front outfitted with Japanese tiles from Tajami that appear as a patchwork-like composition. Look closely and discover the tiles form a woven pattern with a rich texture made from the extruded tiles with a striped surface.

// The Counter

The 7115 Flagship — Williamsburg 
223 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tuesday–Sunday, 11am–7pm